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About us

Important info

It is important to make reservation at least 1 hour in advance.

We do not provide any sexual services.

We do not provide massages to people with viral or skin diseases, as well as people who are tipsy   or who are under influence of narcotics.

After a third visit, you are entitled to a permanent client’s lifetime discount on each massage.

Upon arrival to our salon, a beautiful and kind masseuse of your choice  will be waiting for you to prepare tea, coffee,  in  the programs Special tantra and Couple tantra a wine/ sparkling wine. Later on, after an initial acquaintance, you choose one of our massage programs. The masseuse will take you to the tantric room where you put your things and change clothes to the sarong. You do not have to worry about your valuables, since only you and the masseuse are in the salon. Before each massage, it is necessary to take a shower. After this act the massage itself begins, which depends on the chosen program. After you finish the massage, you have time for relax after which you will go  back to the shower. At the end, the masseuse will give you a gift as a thank you for your visit.

NAMASTE ritual

The word NAMASTE or also NAMASKAR comes from the word NAMAHA, which means to bow as a sign of  an expression of respect. It is a respectable form of greeting in the Hindu tradition in the Indian subcontinent. It is a joining the palms  in the heart area and helps to unite our body and mind.

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